D of E

Boston Grammar School delivers the award scheme to all interested students at the end of Year 8 prior to starting Year 9. It is a way to stretch individuals beyond their own expectations and broaden their horizons. It is a non-competitive scheme with three levels, BRONZE SILVER AND GOLD. Each level has four sections: VOLUNTEERING, PHYSICAL, SKILL AND EXPEDITION. The GOLD Level has a fifth RESIDENTIAL section.

The D of E Award is a challenging programme of activities which will help you learn new skills, help others and experience adventures. Achievements are widely recognised in education and employment. The school supports the participant in many ways, for example through training and information sessions with advice and encouragement to help you stay focused.

All D of E paperwork is dealt with by the D of E Manager Mr Wood at school. He will monitor the progress through each section and will be available at lunchtimes for any queries. The award verifier in school is Mrs Winter. She will check and verify all awards to make sure all requirements have been met so that the certificate and badge can be presented to the participant.