Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is the original governing body of the school dating from 1555. It ceased to govern the school following the 1944 Education Act, but as it owned assets it continued in existence to use the assets for the benefit of the school.

There are 16 volunteer members of the Foundation, including many Old Boys, who meet in the School Library to supervise the finances and co-operate with the Head in the best possible use of the money. Our Chairman and Vice-chairman are Martyn Hammond and Jim Tryner (1942-1948).

Typical uses include supporting the minibus, music tuition, prizes, equipment, hardship fund and special projects. A major innovation of the last 10 years or so is scholarships for former students attending university, created by generous gifts from friends of the school.

Our assets have more than doubled in recent years as a result of several large gifts (and prudent investment), but there is no limit to the funds we could manage and turn to excellent use to benefit students both current and former.

The Foundation is a registered charity, no. 527292, and is therefore tax-efficient. Both gifts by will and lifetime gifts are free of inheritance tax, and lifetime gifts are also eligible for Gift Aid, by which the Revenue add around 25% to the gift.

Frank Cammack (1955-1963)
Clerk to the Foundation
01205 368376