» To be an outstanding, forward looking selective academy, collaborating and working in partnership with our community to challenge and inspire the area’s young people so that they can fulfil their potential, whilst preserving our unique history, traditions and established ethos.


» To encourage the pursuit of excellence in everything that we strive to achieve, in academic and extra-curricular endeavours.

» To collaborate and work in partnership with our community to provide a challenging and character building education for our students, inspired by a tradition of success and high expectations.

» To preserve and celebrate the school's unique history and traditions, whilst adopting a modern curriculum and encouraging adaptability, initiative and innovation.

» To encourage our students to become self-reliant, self-disciplined, courteous and thoughtful individuals who value themselves, others and their environment.

» To prepare our students so that they can contribute to the wider community, including that of our international neighbours, and be well equipped to compete in the job market of the 21st century.

» To serve our local community, whilst working with national and international partners to encourage an aspirational outlook.

» To provide opportunities for all of our students and staff to fulfil their potential, in an environment where care, achievement, respect and excellence are expected.

Academy Development Plan

Academy Development Plan 2020-21